Eight Bucks Experiment

We started this in the spring of 95. I don't know why we did it, or what the hell we were thinking. Bored, restless, or just stupid. Maybe all three, but really I think for me it was something else. Some people start bands because they want to have fun. I think I got into this because I hate mainstream music. Since I was a child I remember hating the radio. When the Experiment started punk rock had been mined out by the powers that be. Pop punk, and Ska (third, fifth, ninth, I don't know what wave), were just a flick of the radio away.

Punk rock had left the dirty clubs and basements, and found it's way to the mall. Yikes. I got into this as a big middle finger to how lame punk rock had become. Hack bands ripping off other bands trying to be the next big thing (and look Blink did it!). Originality, guts, and volume, had been replaced by a tidal wave of banality. Crybaby Emo bands, and sissy PC zines with bad writers and shity layouts, (hopefully Hit List will destroy them), made punk rock about as cutting edge as nerf.

Anyway I read this quote the other day and it really hit me. Not Iggy Pop or the Stooges but the idea he conveys if anything is why the Eight Bucks Experiment is

"I was transformed into a dork in high school, when I first became exposed to the incredible cruelty that children have at their disposal. . . and there's nobody more equipped or inclined towards cruelty than upper-middle-class children whose folks have lots of spare money and big cars and glib speed. I was burdened by that fact that whenever I tried to express myself I would be laughed at. I was also very very shy. Very unhip. Very unglib, and never wore the right clothes. But those days were numbered as soon as I learned how to become excessively aggressive towards others. I learned a unique and indispensable skill, which is to make rock & roll. I stopped my parents dressing me and started becoming a conniving cold-hearted son of a bitch, which I've always been since the beginning of the Stooges right up until the here and now!" -Iggy Pop

Evan is a cynical mean bitch, the main reason why I (Paige) play in this band is for Fun! While some other guys in this band play because they have anger management issues, I do it for the love of music I have, and for me to be able to express my self artistically. I have zero artistic abilities outside of music, so this is it for me! We have also met many cool and interesting people all over the country, and that is obviously a big added bonus. (On a side note, this project was never started for us to be able to fit in with any certain cliques or groups, and all of the friends we have made are genuine).

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Joey Decline here, just want to thank all the fans for their support, and havoc through this crazy lifestyle of being broke and living in a van with stinky ass people (myself included). Half the time on tour I live on a bag of chips (which I bring) and steal hot sauce packets from gas stations to make ghetto-chips-and-salsa, but when you guys keep coming to the shows I wont mind eating my g.c.a.s. so we will see you all next time, you know we will play our asses off for you. ed- Joey ate pop-tarts and 'fish-in-a-can' for 15 strait days on the last tour.

Ahhh Joey DeCline. A monster lunatic. This is the cronical of the straw tht broke the back and got Joey removed from his bass duties-

I've talked to Joey now that he is out and about again and it's time to run what people thought would be cool on halloween.

1. Joey D decided that getting too drunk to talk by 9pm would be cool.
2. The promoter thought it would be cool if we went on at 1:45 am
3. Joey D decided that not knowing how the strap on his bass worked would be cool
4. Joey D decided that using the bass in the wrong tuning would be cool.
5. After the second song Joey D thought it would be cool to quit the band
6. After watching us play two more songs without him Joey D thought it would be cool to rejoin the band
7 Joey D thought it would be cool to not know what bass to use or how to strap it on. . . again
8. Joey D thought it would be cool to throw the bass (which was Paiges) at Paige.
9. Joey D thought it would be cool to attempt to kick Paiges ass on stage.
10. Bullet Bob (our new drummer) thought it would be cool to kick Joey Ds ass on stage and then proceeded to kick said ass
11 Security thought it would be cool to call the Police
12 The police thought it would be cool to arrest Joey D on stage
13 The none arrested members of 8BX thought it would be cool to not care if Joey D got arrested
14 The none arrested members of 8BX thought it would be cool to finnish the set with out the arrested member.
15 the crowd that watched this knew that this was truly Rock and Roll and that 8BX is truly the most hard core, punk rock'n, heavy metal'n thing that Denver or any other town has going.
Fucking believe it.
16. After 8BX was done playing the promters thought it would be cool not to pay anyone.

17. Some people thought it would be cool to have $20,000 worth of pain was inflicted on the dressing room.
18. The toilets didn't want to be ripped out. . .they were. The Huge flat screen TV didn't want a chair thrown into it. . .it was. The tables didn't want to go threw the picture windows. . .they were.
18. A lot of people thought that $20 was to much to pay for and 8BX show. . . They were wrong. Dead Fucking Wrong.

There's the low down and here is my take.

Ok, Ok, Ok. I get it. . . You fuckers don't want to go see 8BX anymore. A lot of the same old same old. Been there done that. No, you are fucking wrong. Ok! Fucking wrong. You thought "Yea, I'll skip the halloween show. I wont pay the $30 beans for that shit. Way to go "Beavis". I mean you miss an 8BX show you miss allot. There you are. . .I don't need to see Joey Decline throw his bass (let me take that back. . . the bass that he borrowed from Paige) at Paige. Watch Paige flex hard on him and then watch Bullet Bob jump over the drum kit and beat the shit out of Joey. Yea, you didn't need to see that. Then you didn't need to see Joey get fucking arrested on stage. No you were wAAAAAAAAy to cool to see that go down. "I'll see them next time" guy.

OHHH yea there you are "super cool" guy sitting at home missing arrests and beat down. Good for you. I bet that "CSI" was great on TV that night! Listen right now I want you to go out and tell everyone you know that the last show that 8BX played we beat the shit out of each other on stage, and Joey got arrested on stage. Yea, fucking believe it. Oh yea I almost forgot $20,000 worth destruction was done to the dressing room that night. That's not a typo 20 grand, yea 20 large. All the while we managed to play a fast, tight, kick balls rock and roll show.

I got one last thing to say . . . THE EIGHT BUCKS EXPERIMENT IS THE MOST HARDCORE FUCKING PUNK ROCK BAND ON THE PLANET!!!!!! And we play some damn fine music kidd-o.

Luke Schmaltz

Luke Schmaltz has been writing songs and performing live for 2 decades. He founded Denver punk rock band King Rat ( ) in 1995 after several stints in other local bands. He has written the bulk of the song material for all 8 releases as well as a growing library of acoustic songs. A collection of 10 such works is slated for a spring 2013 release. Hell Can Wait marks a milestone for Luke, as he originally began as a solo performer at area open mic nights in 1993 and has seemingly come full circle, or gone absolutely nowhere, depending on how you look at it. Ha ha.